Hubbs Creek is located on a 500 million-year-old geological formation known as the Lindsay formation from the middle Ordovician period.   The soil is stoney (limestone fragments) and calcareous by nature. It varies in depths anywhere from 18 to 36 inches and lies on a fragmented lime stone bedrock.   The soill,  in which Hubbs Creek Vineyard is located is locally known as Hillier clay Loam.   It has a high lime content that is ideal for growing and making Burgundy style wines. Infact Hillier clay loam is very similar in appearance to the soils in Burgundy France.
Prince Edward County,  just like Burgundy France, is considered a Cool Climate Growing Region but unlike Burgundy,  our winters are more severe.   Therefore precautions must be taken to ensure winter survival.  The vines are often hilled in order to protect them from the coldest winter days. Our growing degree-days vary anywhere from 1200C to 1450C depending on location or summer conditions.


In the spring of 2002  over three thousand vines of various clones of Dijon Pinot Noir went into the ground.The selected clones are 115,667,114 and 459.   The vineyard spacing for this first planting is 4 feet between the vines and 5.5 feet between the rows. This planting is considered high density.   Also,  a single row of Dolcetto (clone 01) went in as a experimental plot.

In the spring of 2003 two thousand  five hundred Pinot Noir vines were planted using clones 115,667 and 777.   We also planted 1200 vines Pinot Gris clones 457 and 53.   For the 2003 planting we decide to us a more modern european approach when it comes comes to vineyard layout. The vines are spaced one meter between the vines and two meters between the rows.   This is still considered a medium to high density.

In the spring of 2004 another (1200 vines) eight rows of Pinot Gris clones 457 and 53  were also planted at two meters wide by one meter between the vines.

Our latest planting was in 2010.   One thousand six hundred vines of Chardonnay clones 95 and 76 were also planted using the modern european spacing of two meters by one meter.   Another row of Dolcetto clone 01 was also planted in 2010