It has been 10 years since we planted our first block of vines back in 2002.   Since then, we have experienced numerous ups and downs here at Hubbs Creek Vineyard.   Although we have been successfully producing high-quality grapes our work has not always been easy. Growing grapes, especially Pinot Noir, has been challenging due to the harsh winter conditions in Prince Edward County.   The winters of 2004 and 2005 were particularly severe, and a lot of vines were lost as a result.  Following these devastating conditions, we learned how to better prepare the vineyard for winter survival.   Each year, we find new ways to adapt and modify our sprayers, vineyard layout, vine pruning, hilling and dehilling our buried vines.   By adapting our skills to the growing conditions of Prince Edward County, we have been able to produce high-quality grapes and wine year after year!

In 2009,  we began selling our Pinot Noir through the Hinterland Wine Company,  a winery in Prince Edward County.  Our 2009 Pinot Noir was recently described by David O’Conner,  a sommelier and owner of East and Main Bistro, as “fantastic” and “ a must-try for Pinot enthusiasts”.

 We are currently expanding our product line to include Chardonnay and Pinot Gris, and we are currently in the final phase of completion of our own new winery, also located in Prince Edward County.
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